Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Walls' End

At the start of July they came........mammoth diggers with dinosaur jaws. They tore into the top of the bridge revealing a skeleton of dusty brickwork and metal beams.

With stunning accuracy the metal jaws lifted the beams away from their moorings.

Spectators arrived to watch, as the last of the beams was removed, revealing hidden graffiti and views towards the fire station.
We wondered why, with so much engineering, it was necessary to dig out some of the final wall by hand                                                                                                                                                   

I watched some of the demolition alongside a young mother and her child. 'I used to live down there' said the mother. 'Do you mean one of the houses they demolished in London Road?' I asked guiltily. 'This must be very emotional for you to watch. Have they provided you with a new house?'
'It is sad' said the mother.....'BUT I have a new bedroom and we're getting new windows' asserted her daughter. The mother thought for a moment and said 'Yes, my daughter is right, it is for the best'.

I wish mother and daughter and the new road every success.

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