Sunday, 28 September 2014

An Open and Closed Story

Tomorrow at 10 am on 29th September 2014 we are told that the first stretch of the new link road will open for traffic. This is to allow the contractors to close the Sidley Bridge in order to rebuild it. At present the Sidley Bridge is not high enough for lorries to drive underneath.
So what, in the 'short term' will this mean for the residents of Bexhill and especially Sidley?
This is the map of the diversion provided by ESCC.

Apparently northbound traffic from the A259 will use the new link road.

 Traffic southbound will leave the link road and join London Road before the Viking junction.

Traffic lights and arrays of orange cones are waiting to entertain us.
There is no turning the clock back. The work now has to be done, but if you live near Buxton Drive, Gunters Lane or Woodsgate Park, then expect an inevitable increase in traffic. Buses will now be diverted down Buxton Drive and along the new Woodsgate Bridge with bus stops at either end of Buxton Drive. Best remember to shut your curtains at night unless you want to be seen from the upper deck of a double decker.
Our local school children have made signs reminding drivers to stay safe.

I hope the drivers take notice.
 In the meantime, please be aware of at least two locations close to the new road where pedestrians are especially vulnerable.  It is particularly difficult for drivers to see walkers as they approach the zebra crossing from the new underpass.
And don't be fooled into thinking you can safely cross the A259 by the Leisure Centre. The crossing is barricaded by see through fencing.
Stay safe, be alert, and enjoy the chaos for I fear a 'Winter of Discontent' is rapidly approaching. 

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