Wednesday, 26 March 2014

The Long Journey

I've named this post The Long Journey because most of us feel that is what we are experiencing at the moment. A long journey anywhere around Bexhill.......and a very long journey from start to finish of the Link road. Will it be worth it?? We don't know for sure.....I remain hopeful......just.
So here is a reminder of the proposed London Road junction layout.

We can now clearly see the route of the new underpass. Note also that the southern end of London Road will be restricted to buses and vehicles needing access. Presumably this means that all cars from the North will need to access the A259 via the new Link Road.....and if that snarls up then they just might hurtle down Woodsgate Park!!! Traffic calming measures are promised for Woodsgate Park, but we have no details yet. Neither do we have any more information on bus routes or times.

In the meantime they are slowly making progress with the new bridge at Woodsgate Park.

And finally, if you haven't come across this, here is the link to my poem about driving towards Sidley. I hope you enjoy it. You might need to copy/paste it to your browser.

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