Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Out With the Old, but not much new yet!!

I started writing this blog in February 2013. In early Summer when they closed the London Road end of Woodsgate Park, this sign appeared at the start of the bridge.

Most of us smirked when we read the sign, convinced that the deadline would not be met, but wouldn't it have been great to be proved wrong? So it's 9.00 pm on 31st Dec 2013. The old bridge is demolished, but the new bridge is not yet built.......3 hours to go, better get a move on!!

We are now told that the new bridge and this end of the link road will open in Spring 2014. We can see the likely width of the new road. It looks rather narrow, but we presume someone had a tape measure. Of course there are puddles, little lakes of water after the rain. Looks like a drainage problem, but we presume that 'they' know about drainage.

And some lovely trees with bird and bat boxes have blown down or been cut down. Looks like an environmental problem, but we presume 'they' know about their environmental responsibility.


I hope this is the low point. Missed deadlines, muddy mess and fallen trees will slowly be reconstructed. To everyone who has been kind enough to read my blog so far, I thank you for your interest. I wish you a wonderful 2014.

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