Sunday, 17 March 2013

After the Snow

I have called this post 'After the Snow', but, although we are in the middle of March, there could be more flakes to come!
Being a fair weather photographer, I have rather ignored my blogging responsibilities in the freezing temperatures of the past 4 weeks. So this aftenoon, glimpsing some sunshine, I set out to see how much progress our road builders had made.
The south facing road area looks wider, flatter, with far less tree stumps.

I hope the builders have some sturdy wellies.
You can now also look North towards Sidley and begin to view the direction the road will take.

The greatest change is at the corner of the Woodsgate Park bridge, which has been opened up, with access to services installed in preparation.

The potholes are growing.
At this rate they won't have to demolish the bridge. It might completely decay of its own accord.


  1. They should put the railway back and build the road on stilts in the air the beeching days are over we could do with both rail and road at this day and age the link wont lower the traffic on the lanes as there people need to get the train from bexhill to london so they will go to crowhurst by car to get the train building a link wont solve this as the bypass bypasses the lanes.

  2. A rail link from Bexhill to Crowhurst would be perfect! I agree we need improved rail links as well as the road.