Monday, 18 February 2013

Destroying the Viking

If you stand at the junction of the A259 and look west, there is a very pleasant outlook. Views of the Bexhill Common are filtered by trees, and the busy road is softened by acres of grass.


Look North from the same junction, and the outlook is very different. An incoherent urban sprawl.
Even before the houses were abandoned it was not very pretty.
The exception to the this nothingness are the two landmark buildings on either corner of the road, the Chilli Tree Restaurant and the Viking Fish Bar.
The restaurant is staying but, sadly, the Viking Fish Bar is set for demolition. I say sadly because it was a local landmark, and, more particularly, they served lovely fish and chips.
We have to say farewell to the Viking. Wooden posts surround it in preparation for its demise. Like sentries the posts have blocked the footpath along London Road, presumably to hold a barrier in place while the hit squad do their damndest.
And while taking my photos I made a discovery. Does anyone remember these conveniences? When were they closed? Please leave a comment if you know the answer.   


  1. Like the photos you have posted so far please keep them coming, as for the toilets it must be about 35+ years since they were closed.

    1. Thanks for your interest. The work seems to have stopped this week at the Bexhill end, but as soon as it starts up, I'll be there with my camera!!

    2. Road building,they seem to be making an earth mountain at Sidley!